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1 उत्तर प्रदेश पुलिस आरमोरर शाखा अधीनस्थ अधिकारी सेवा (प्रथम संसोधन) नियमावली २०१७ 18/01/2018 up-polish-first-niyamavali-2017.PDF (706.60KB)
2 The Uttar Pradesh Police Constable And Head Constable Service (First Ammendment)Rules, 2017 25/10/2017 Cons_headconst_Ist_amdn2017.pdf (3.21MB)
3 The Uttar Pradesh Police Ministerial, Accounts and Confidential Assistants Cadres Service Rules, 2015 06/06/2017 niyamavali-2015-Eng.PDF (6.95MB)
4 The Uttar Pradesh Police (Extra Ordinary Pension) (Second Amendment) Rules, 2015 06/06/2017 Extra-Ordinary-Pension-hindi.pdf (210.31KB)
5 The Uttar Pradesh Poisons (Regulation of Possession and Sale) (Third Amendment) Rules, 2014 (Regardiing Mythail Alcohal) 06/06/2017 Regulation_of_possession_and_sale__IIIrd_Ammendment_Eng.pdf (571.91KB)
6 The Uttar Pradesh Forensic Science Laboratory Non-Gazetted (Technical) Service Rules, 2016 06/06/2017 UP-FSL-Eng.PDF (4.49MB)
7 The Uttar Pradesh Police Radio Service (Second Amendment) Rules, 2015 06/06/2017 1522.pdf (4.08MB)
8 The Uttar Pradesh Pradeshik Armed Constabulary State Band Subordinate Officer Services Rules, 2009 06/06/2017 2130.PDF (7.34MB)
9 The Uttar Pradesh Police Traffic Management Fund Rules, 2008 06/06/2017 nidhi-niyamawali-2008-Eng.pdf (2.33MB)
10 The Uttar Pradesh Police Officers of the Subordinate Ranks (Punishment and Appeal) Rules, 1991 06/06/2017 niyamawali-1991-new-Eng.PDF (5.32MB)
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